Scupper 263


Sea Breeze (FKA Scupper), a 1978 Legnos Mystic 30' Cutter


This project was completed in several phases over two years to meet the owner’s schedule.

Initial Pre-Project Inspection Report and Observations

Early Phase:  Hardware removal and early assessment
September 2017
Early Phase Hours:  26.75

Phase 1: Dismantling, surface prep, systems removal, repairs, structural work
March 16, 2018 – November 16, 2018 (Discontinuous)
Phase 1 Hours:  315

Phase 2: Interior, systems, and more
January 23, 2019 – June 21, 2019
Phase 2 Hours:  665.5

Phase 3:  Electrical, electric motor, plumbing,  final exterior finishing, and everything else
October 18, 2019 – March 27, 2020
Phase 3 Hours:  683.75

Scope of Project:  Comprehensive refit, including deck repairs, repower, interior makeover, hull work, and systems

Project Complete:  1691 Total Hours


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August 19, 2020

Scupper 263


Early in the week before the scheduled and planned departure of Sea Breeze from the shop, the shipper contacted me to ask if the boat was ready (yes indeed) and if it would be OK to pick her up on Thursday, rather than the following Monday.  That was certainly OK with me, but the next day he called again and wanted to move it up to Wednesday, which was also fine by me.

So on the appointed date and time, the first stage of the transport began at the shop with the arrival of the hydraulic trailer that would bring the boat to a nearby (as nearby as anything here) yard, where they’d transfer the boat to a lowboy trailer for the long trip to Florida.

Loading the boat was without drama or issue, and before long she was outdoors for the first time since March 16, 2018, which was the true beginning of the project despite a week or so of work that I’d done the previous fall.  With several breaks in the action between then and the actual completion of the project in March 2020, the boat had regardless been in the shop throughout, and had become a familiar fixture therein.  It was nice to see her back out in full view and daylight once more.  I took a video of her emerging from the shop, but alas, something went wrong (user error) and the only usable footage was 4 seconds at the end with the camera pointing at the ground.  (I come from the pre-video era, folks.)

Once outdoors, we loaded the mast on the outriggers on the trailer, and the driver strapped down the boat and made other final preparations.

The truck departed around 1245.  From here, once past my traditional (now with barely an opening in the brush) final departure photo angle at the end of the driveway, the boat was beyond my purview, but I looked forward to hearing of her successful arrival in Florida, and her successful commissioning shortly thereafter.

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