Scupper 128


Sea Breeze (FKA Scupper), a 1978 Legnos Mystic 30' Cutter


This project was completed in several phases over two years to meet the owner’s schedule.

Initial Pre-Project Inspection Report and Observations

Early Phase:  Hardware removal and early assessment
September 2017
Early Phase Hours:  26.75

Phase 1: Dismantling, surface prep, systems removal, repairs, structural work
March 16, 2018 – November 16, 2018 (Discontinuous)
Phase 1 Hours:  315

Phase 2: Interior, systems, and more
January 23, 2019 – June 21, 2019
Phase 2 Hours:  665.5

Phase 3:  Electrical, electric motor, plumbing,  final exterior finishing, and everything else
October 18, 2019 – March 27, 2020
Phase 3 Hours:  683.75

Scope of Project:  Comprehensive refit, including deck repairs, repower, interior makeover, hull work, and systems

Project Complete:  1691 Total Hours


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April 18, 2019

Scupper 128


1:  Sand and varnish (#3) the trim to the forward cabin.

2:  Lightly sand, clean, and apply second coat of semi-gloss white enamel to the head.

3:  Lightly sand, clean, and apply second coat of semi-gloss white enamel to the overhead and other panels.

4:  Perform final milling operations on galley door #4 to produce groove for the center panel; mill chamfered edge detail around panel opening, and mill plywood panel to size.

5:  Sand inside edges of all frame pieces to remove tool marks; lay out and drill ventilation holes in pleasing visual pattern in four door panels; glue doors together with epoxy adhesive.

6:  Mill and install edge trim for head/cockpit instrument access panel.

7:  Pre-cut into rough lengths and set aside frame and stile pieces for the doors to the forward cabin.

8:  Straighten edges of new cherry boards and mill 2″ wide planks, then resaw into half-thickness sufficient material for the cabin sole planking.  (Planing to final thickness still to come.)

9:  Sand companionway ladder and bungs with 220 grit to remove glue residue and prepare for varnish.

Total time billed on this job today:  8 hours

0600 Weather Observation:  21°, clear. Forecast for the day:  Partly sunny with increasing clouds, 49°