Calliope Girl 104


Calliope Girl, an S&S 34' Sloop


October 2023 – May 2024

Project Scope:  Rebuild interior to incorporate various changes

Begin Daily Project Logs

April 18, 2024

Calliope Girl 104


I had a short day planned, as I had to leave in mid-morning for an appointment later in the day, but I got done all the things I’d wanted to, starting with another round of sanding and coat of base varnish on the interior woodwork.

Next, I applied a sealer coat of varnish to the boards I’d milled for the cabin sole.

This left me just enough time to prepare and glue up the final four door frames.

Total time billed on this job today: 3.25 hours

0600 Weather Observation: 31°, clear. Forecast for the day: Sunny, 54°