Salty 38


Salty, a 1989 Contessa 26' Sloop (JJ Taylor)


Project Complete:  293.75 total hours

Scope of Project:  Repower; electrical and systems replacement and upgrades; windvane installation; miscellaneous upgrades and improvements

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April 12, 2016

Salty 38

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The structural work on the modified engine hatch was complete, and after sanding as necessary I test-fit the hatch, which fit as intended.  I ordered longer screws to secure the hatch to the flange beneath.

With most major tasks on the project list either complete or awaiting additional parts, I turned to some of the interior reassembly, starting in the bow, where I reassembled the wire chase cover on the starboard side and the v-berth fiddles, after cleaning up the shelf areas as needed.

In the hanging locker, at the owner’s request, I installed two pair of utility hooks, then reassembled the various interior dividers and covers, as well as the two sections of the outer bulkhead.

Across the way, I installed new vent hoses to replace the originals that I’d removed earlier in the project, and reassembled the cover panel behind the head.  For now, I held off on reinstalling the bifold door till I was sure I didn’t need access.

In the vertical hatch that covered the forward end of the engine room from the cabin, I installed a fire port, a simple ring that allowed use of a fire extinguisher without removing the hatch.  I installed this as high in the hatch as I could to allow easiest access and best effectiveness.


To cover the wire chase between the new electronics locker and the electrical panel, I cut off the aft section of the original cover (the forward part was no longer needed) and installed it.


At the forward end of the cockpit, I installed a pair of heavy padeyes for lifeline tethers, bolting them through the bulkhead into the cabin.  I kept these high enough to clear the newly-raised engine hatch.

During my hardware-rebedding phase earlier, I’d stopped after completing all the sidedeck and related hardware so I could focus on the new systems installations, but there were a few items on the coachroof that still required this treatment, and now was a good time to take care of these.  I started by removing four U-bolts–two at each end of the cabin top.  The port after u-bolt featured highly rusted nuts for some reason, and these took some torque to loosen.  I thought I might replace that particular U-bolt; the other three appeared serviceable.

I removed interior covers over the fasteners securing the cabin top winches and line jammers, but would get to their removal another time.

Meanwhile, at the transom I finished up the installation of the two cable clams.

The replacement exhaust elbow arrived, and I installed it and cut the hose to length, completing that installation.   I’d been contemplating how (or whether) I could run a siphon break for the raw water injection line, but completing that would be for another day.  Space and access was at a premium.

Also engine-related, I installed the new Cutless bearing, securing it with two set screws as original (with a dab of sealant in the set screw holes to help hold them).


I planned to lay out the self steering control lines next time so I could order any hardware required, so to prepare for that I installed the tiller.


Total time billed on this job today:  7 hours

0600 Weather Observation:
45°, showers.  Forecast for the day:  showers and rain, high in the 50s