Holby 64


Holby Pilot 19


Project Schedule: April 2022- December 2022 (Non-Continuous)

Project Scope: Remove jet drive and engine and reconfigure for traditional outboard installation; paint hull; sundry related projects TBD

Project Complete:  304.5 Total Hours

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December 9, 2022

Holby 64


Wrapping up a couple final tasks on my list, I began with the two pedestal seats at the helm.  These were straightforward to reinstall in their original locations (they’d been removed before the boat came to the shop) with new fasteners and sealant.  The helm chair to starboard was missing its plastic bushing, so I ordered a replacement.

Afterwards, I masked off and painted the bottom.  The owner selected green bottom paint, and this finished off the boat’s new appearance nicely.  The blue plastic on the port quarter is there because the passageway there is narrow and frequently transited, so this simply provides some protection for the hull paint for now.

Later, Jason the canvas contractor was back with the new top, which he’d patterned earlier in the week.  The top included a zippered panel over the helm station to allow the operator to poke their head through the canvas if standing was desired.  With the top fitted, Jason could make the patterns for the side curtains, which he finished in my absence as I had to leave on other business.  He anticipated having the new panels complete in the near future.

With that, the only task remaining on my list was to fabricate some trim for the top edge of the new outboard well (forward end), which I’d take care of sometime over the coming days.

Total time billed on this job today: 2.5 hours

0600 Weather Observation: 0600 Weather Observation: 29°, clear, dew point 15°. Forecast for the day: Sunny, 39°