Aventura 15


Charlotte (FKA Aventura), a 1977 Sea Sprite 23' Sloop


Project Complete:  273.75 Total Hours

Scope of Project: Hull and deck refinish; brightwork maintenance; repairs as necessary; minor interior refit

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October 22, 2015

Aventura 15

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I spent most of the day sanding the decks, eventually going over most areas four separate times.  I began with the main deck areas and cockpit, where I sanded with two grits of coarser paper the excess skim coat, leaving it only in the areas of remaining nonskid pattern as intended.  During this round, I also sanded the poop deck and ongoing recore patches as needed.

With that round of sanding complete, I switched tools to a finishing sander and sanded the entire decks twice more, this time including all the areas I’d not yet sanded–the cockpit seats and well, the cabin trunk, and other areas.  Since these surfaces were original gelcoat, sanding was fairly straightforward and quick, leaving only corners and detail hand-sanding to complete another time.  I went over all the nonskid and patched areas as well, bringing all surfaces close to their final requirements with some minor spot and pinhole fairing remaining.

After cleaning up, I applied minimal amounts of epoxy fairing material as required, mainly on the poop deck, former stanchion base locations, and a few small lows on some of the patchwork.


Total time billed on this job today:  6 hours

0600 Weather Report:
45°, cloudy.  Forecast for the day:  cloudy, chance of showers, around 60