Halcyon 50


Halcyon,  Sailmaster 22 Sloop #128


Project Complete:  294.5 Total hours

Scope of Project:   Full restoration, including deck refinishing and repair; interior refinishing; new electrical and systems; rigging inspection; brightwork maintenance

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March 9, 2017

Halcyon 50

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I spent the large part of the day installing most of the remaining deck hardware, starting at the bow with the water tank fill.  I purchased a new fill since the original one (aluminum) was badly welded together from the ravages of time, and wasn’t going to ever be usable again.

To relocate the bow cleat over the original holes, I used my simple pattern that I’d made earlier.  I’d pre-filled the old holes with epoxy, so once I located the cleat correctly all I had to do was the usual drill, tap, and countersink to prepare the holes for installation.  I installed the cleat with a fiberglass backing plate, large washers, and plenty of sealant.

Next, I installed a replacement vent over the original hole in the foredeck.  The old vent had been in poor condition, and the ring destroyed during removal, so I installed a new one that matched the old, as well as the pair on the lazarette hatches.

Moving on, I reinstalled two original fairlead fittings on the sidedecks, in their original locations.  I’d marked the holes from belowdecks, so I could drill up from there to determine the correct location from the top.

To route the centerboard line into the cockpit, I installed a new bronze through hull, through which I fed the line.  the original fitting had worn completely away, and using the line over many years had even worn into the fiberglass above the old fitting.  I’d patched the whole area during deck repairs earlier, and thought the bronze fitting would be a good way to lead the line.  Beneath it, I reinstalled the original unique little cleat to secure the line.

Next door, I installed the bronze compass holder.

I took a little hardware break and, in early afternoon, spent some time installing various wire tie mounts in the cabin along planned wire runs for the basic electrical service.  For each location, I had to scuff up the paint to allow the adhesive a good bonding surface.  Having these installed would allow me to string in the rough wiring anytime the mood struck in the coming days.

Back on hardware duty, I turned to the poop deck, and reinstalled the corner chocks and mooring cleats.  The original port chock had been broken at the ring where the lifeline attached, and I was fortunate to find an exact replacement for these unique castings.   The port mooring cleat had also been broken, and I had original replacements to choose from as well.

Finally, I installed some T-shaped molding around the edge of the icebox hatch, replicating the original material, and also a little gasket in the opening to slightly raise the hacth and improve the seal, such as it was.  I installed a new ring pull since the old one no longer functioned.  I cleaned up the sink a bit as well, now that the rest of the galley work was essentially done with.  Sometime soon I’d clean up and paint the inside of the icebox.

Total time billed on this job today:  8.25 hours

0600 Weather Observation:
30°, clear.  Forecast for the day:  clear, maybe a snow shower, 40