Further 10


Further, a 1975 Ericson 35


Project Schedule:  December 2022 – May 2023

Project Scope: Hull and deck paint, structural repairs, and miscellany

Project Complete:  452.5 total hours

Begin Daily Project Logs

December 23, 2022

Further 10


In a short morning work session, I sanded the new epoxy fairing compound on the hull-deck joint with 80 grit discs.  I was pleased with how well the joint turned out after a single coat of fairing compound.  Other than some shallow and expected low areas, the contours were close to where they needed to be, with additional work ahead mainly focused on finishing off the top edge of the repair, where it transitioned to the molded toerail, and also at the stern ends.

With only a short time available, I finished up by giving the shop a rough clean after the week’s efforts.  Next time, I could continue with the second round of fairing filler, and more work sanding the remainder of the topsides.

Total time billed on this job today: 2.5 hours

0600 Weather Observation: 37°, rain, dew point 34°. Forecast for the day: Rain, heavy at times, and windy, 50°