Luna Mia 5


Luna Mia, a General Boats Rhodes 22


Project Schedule:  February 2022 – (Ongoing)

Project Scope: Patch and repair existing saildrive hole; hull paint; sundry minor repairs

Project Complete:  72 Total Hours

Begin Daily Project Logs

March 8, 2022

Luna Mia 5


Finishing up in the cockpit for now, I sanded the epoxy skim coat flat and smooth, removing the excess and working through various grits and different tools before eventually ending up at 120 grit on a finishing sander as needed for primer and paint.  With the major repair work and surface prep complete for now, I planned to turn my focus to the hull prep and paint and would return to the various small deck projects and refinishing once the hull was complete.

Total time billed on this job today:   1.25 hours

0600 Weather Observation:  35°, clear and windy.  Forecast for the day:  Sunny, 36°