Steadfast 1


Steadfast, 1979 Fisher 30' Ketch


Scope of Project:  Hull paint and brightwork maintenance

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October 25, 2017

Steadfast 1

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Steadfast arrived at the shop by truck on a tropical rainy day, about a week later than originally planned because of an owner-requested delay to give him additional time to haul and prepare the boat.  The project scope included hull refinishing and woodwork maintenance.

Once the driver unstrapped the boat and spars from the trailer, he moved over near the shop so we could unload the mainmast onto some saw horses for temporary storage.  The mizzen, located under the boat on the inside of the trailer, could stay there till the boat was unloaded in the shop.

With the mast off, it was quick business to back the boat into the shop for unloading.  Outside, we unloaded the mizzen. completing the delivery.

Total time billed on this job today:  N/A

0600 Weather Observation:  65°, rain.  Forecast for the day:  Rain, often heavy, high 60s.  Windy.