August 27, 2018

Dory 9

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Now I sanded the new fiberglass, just enough to ease any hard, sharp edges and prepare the tabbing for the next steps.

Afterwards, I prepared a layer of 10 oz. cloth to sheathe the entire transom, running from the gunwale down below the top edge of the new bottom tabbing.  With the cloth cut oversize by a few inches in the top three dimensions (all but the lower edge), I wet the transom with epoxy resin, then pressed the cloth into position, holding the two side edges with some masking tape to keep them from wanting to peel away from the hull.  I wet out the dry cloth with a roller as needed, and finished the application with a brush and air roller as required.

I wrapped the edges of the material a couple inches around each transom corner, leaving the dry cloth beyond for later trimming, along with the oversized top edges, all of which I cut with a sharp knife a few hours later once the resin had cured to green stage.

Total time on this job today:  2.25 hours