August 25, 2018

Dory 8

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To reinforce the seam between the existing fiberglass and the hull, my next step was to install 6″ biaxial tabbing across the joint, holding the bottom edge just barely above the turn of the bilge, which meant the new tabbing overlapped the seam and up onto the hull above by 2-3″.  I set the biax in epoxy resin, and worked along both sides and the transom using pieces about two feet in length for ease of installation; there was no need in this application for the tabbing to be continuous, nor to worry about the butted seams, since the point of this new work was only to further secure the original fiberglass beneath.

Again with this project, and despite certainly knowing how I could and (probably) should do it better, I knowingly accepted some shortfalls in preparation, applying the tabbing in some areas over some of the original paint (though the paint had been thoroughly sanded with coarse paper), since I felt this was more than adequate given the proposed use and anticipated lifespan of this basic and tired old skiff.

Total time on this job today:  1 hour