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Waanderlust Project | Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Using an orbital finishing sander with 80 grit paper, I sanded the various patches and filled areas on the hull, and also sanded the entire topsides at the same time, another in the many sanding steps required along the way.


When I'd removed the paint from the hull some time ago, I left the detail sanding of the recessed cove stripe for later.  Now was later, so I spent several hours sanding the cove stripe recess by hand to remove residual paint and old striping tape.


After solvent-washing the hull, I applied a coat of fine filler material to the spots I'd started yesterday.  At the same time, I filled a series of gelcoat divots located along the waterline--just below the waterline, actually, but close enough to where I'd be priming that it made sense to take the time to fill these now.

The cove stripe recess was full of cracked and chipped gelcoat, so I applied a thin coat of the gray filler within the recess to smooth this out as needed.



Finally, I applied a quick sealer coat of varnish to the new teak on the starboard cabin bulkhead. 

Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  7 hours

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