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Waanderlust Project | Monday, August 30, 2010

I had one more round of sanding and painting in order to complete the overhead and cabin trunk.  This time, I used 320 grit paper to lightly scuff the 2nd coat; later in the day, after cleaning up, I applied a third coat of the white semi-gloss.



I lightly sanded the through hull patches on the inside to remove the usual rough threads and edges, then sanded the exterior patches flush with the hull, as necessary.  Afterwards, I applied a coat of fairing filler as required to fill in any small low spots.



In choosing a paint color for the hull, the owner wanted to try and replicate, as closely as possible, the color that had been on the boat previously.  I found some notes in an old journal that indicated the paint was a custom mix of white, black, and medium blue, but there were no proportions listed.  Although the original paint had been in poor condition, fadded, and oxidized, I had a good sense of the general coloring--largely gray, but with a faint bluish tinge.

I had some light gray and Aristo blue paint left over from other jobs, and thought it'd be fun to try and come up with a sample of a custom mix that would work.

I produced five separate samples.  I began with a 1:1 mix of blue and gray (sample 1), but the end result was far too blue.  I next tried a 2:1 mix of gray and blue (sample 2), which again was much bluer than desired.   For for sample 3, I increased the ratio to 6:1 (gray:blue), then 10:1 for sample 4, which finally started to at least approach an overall gray-ness versus blue.

Finally, for my final sample (5), I used a mix of 15 gray to 1 blue, which seemed to come close to the color that had been on the hull originally.  Certainly it breathed some life into the otherwise boring plain gray color.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  4.5 hours

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