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Waanderlust Project | Monday, August 23, 2010

With the end of a long road in sight, I turned once again to the inside of the cabin trunk and overhead.  I sanded the final application of filler that I applied last week, then sanded the cabin trunk, overhead, and adjacent trim all over with 120 grit (by machine and hand as applicable), then sanded the mahogany trim--which would be eventually finished bright--with 220 by hand.  This wrapped up the pre-primer sanding work in the main cabin and head.

Once complete, I vacuumed all the surfaces, then cleaned everything with mineral spirits to remove residual dust.  These pictures were taken before the paint thinner had completely evaporated from the surfaces.



Afterwards, I sanded the areas on the hull where I'd applied the fine filler last week, using a sanding block and 220 grit paper.

I had to depart early to travel to an appointment out of state the next morning, so only had time for a half day.

Next:  masking and primer.

Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  4 hours

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