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Summer Song | Thursday, January 23, 2014

 I thought I'd start with the engine control cables.  In particular, I didn't look forward to connecting the transmission cable, since access required a head-downhill approach in the port cockpit locker.  With some difficulty, I secured the cable in place, only to find I'd used the wrong set of holes (there were three choices and the clamp had come from the manufacturer in the middle set)for the cable clamp.  Note to self:  the clamp should be in the top (furthest) set of holes.  So I got to repeat the process once more, resecuring the cable in the further set of holes to allow the cable travel required.


Afterwards, I secured the throttle cable in the same way, this time in the furthest set of holes; this cable was much easier to access.

I installed a vented loop for the raw water injection hose leading from the manifold to the exhaust riser.  The only and best place for the loop was at the forward end of the starboard cockpit locker, further from the source than I would have preferred in terms of hose length, mainly because it meant that I only had enough hose in stock for one leg of the loop.  I'd install the second part as soon as new hose arrived; also, I left off the final section of 2" exhaust hose, from the engine to the muffler, till later to provide better access to the shaft coupling for alignment later.  I ran the hose along the top after end of the engine room and secured it along the way (not shown in these photos).


Next, I prepared new battery cables, positive and negative, which I secured to their appropriate locations at the starter solenoid and engine ground point, and I led the cables through the engine room to the battery area in the starboard cockpit locker.  I also elected to build new cables leading from the nearby battery switch to the positive battery terminals.



Meanwhile, I installed the engine's panel wiring harness, connecting the engine end and leading the other end aft to the lazarette where it would later be connected to the new control panel.

Now I installed new hoses for the engine's raw water cooling system, leading from the through hull to the strainer, then to the pump connection on the engine.


With new 5/16" fuel line, I connected the diesel supply and return to the tank beneath the cabin sole.  I added a shutoff valve in the supply line.



To measure for the new shaft, which I wanted to order at once, I inserted a length of 1" fiberglass tube that I had on hand through the stern tube till it contacted the transmission coupling hub inside.  I noted the position where it exited the Cutless bearing, as well as overall clearance to the aft end of the aperture (rudder), then made various calculations to determine the final shaft length required (30" when all adjustments were taken into account).



Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  7

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