Kaholee Refit | February 14, 2007

Though it's hardly worth even mentioning my progress on this day, I know how much everyone likes the updates.

With another nights' curing at hand, I climbed on board today and removed the remaining tape and paper from the cockpit, hatches, and mast step.



I took the afternoon off to enjoy the day's snowstorm and work on some things in the house.  With a social event to be held at my shop over the weekend, and the shop nice and neat and clean after my big cleanup post-painting, I decided to take a brief breather from the boat, keep the shop clean, and spend the rest of the week working on long-neglected administrative tasks, as well as more behind-the-scenes planning for the work ahead on Kaholee.  And it was too soon, particularly with the events planned for the weekend, to consider working on nonskid, or any major project.  I decided it was best to focus on some of those other tasks at work that usually fall behind, and refocus for next week.

I'll be back in force on this project on Monday.  Time to shift gears and work on some completely different aspects of this project:  interior and systems.  It should be fun!

I think I'll hold off on nonskid paint for a little while, till I get some of the initial interior work completed.  There's no sense in rushing it, nor in applying it until I absolutely have to.

Total Time on This Job Today:  An hour or so

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