Kaholee Refit | April 20, 2007

As anticipated, today was a short day. Over the course of a couple hours, I installed the new sea hood in a bed of sealant with screws from inside the cabin, and then cleaned up the excess and masking tape.  As time goes on, I'll apply more varnish to the sea hood and other exterior pieces, but the coatings are sufficient for the moment.

Finally, I cleaned up the tape and excess caulk from the fuel fill plate and cleats that I installed the other day.  I removed any final tools and drop cloths, and brought Phase I of the project to a close.



While the initial, intensive, 4-month period of work that we've been calling "Phase I" is complete, the project is far from over.  Kaholee will remain on site for another year as she awaits the completion of the project and the beginning of her new adventure; the timing is driven by the owner's planned schedule.  During the coming weeks and months, sporadic work on portions of the project will likely continue as time allows in between and in conjunction with other major projects happening at the shop. 

To view a list of the work remaining, and some specific areas requiring attention, please click here.

Total Time on This Job Today:  1.75 hours

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