Kaholee Refit | April 19, 2007

Today was a minor day aboard, with most of the day's time spent shifting gears and preparing for the next project on the horizon.

On board Kaholee, however, I continued with a few small projects, beginning with the second (port side) sheet cleat outboard of the coaming.  Yesterday, I filled the existing screw holes with epoxy, and today I drilled and tapped for the 1/4-20 fasteners, and then installed the cleat in a bed of sealant; with the tapped holes, there was no immediate need for me to attempt to reach the underside of the area for now, though I made an important note to myself to remember to complete (or have someone small or long-armed complete) the backing later on.

Additionally, I made some preparations for the sea hood installation.  With enough varnish on the piece for the moment, I set it in place on the cabin top and made some various measurements to ensure that it was in the proper location--and also (and more importantly) eyed it critically from several angles to make sure it looked right, regardless of what the tape measure said.

Once I was satisfied with the positioning, I masked off the deck around the edges, and then temporarily removed the sea hood so that I could prepare the fastener holes.  To prevent the possibility of water ingress into the deck should the sealant fail, I wanted to create solid epoxy plugs at each location, as with all the hardware on deck.  To this end, I bored 1/2" holes from above, passing through the top skin and into the core only, leaving the inner skin in place.  In one location, however, I was surprised when my bit passed all the way through; closer inspection later from the underside revealed this to be an area with an exceptionally thin inner skin.  I taped over the gaping hole from beneath to hold the epoxy; the finishing washers for the interior fasteners ought to cover the ugly hole later on.

With the holes bored, I filled them with thickened epoxy and left it to cure overnight.



Next, I applied another coat of gray paint to the settees in the main cabin to finish them off now that the bulk of the work in the saloon was complete.

With the major work on deck complete, I broke down the staging from around the boat.  I had a short day planned for the morrow:  install the sea hood, and clean up the cockpit.

I'll soon post a listing of the work that remains to be completed during Phase II.

Total Time on This Job Today:  2.5 hours

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