Adeline 9


Adeline, a 1987 22' Cape Dory Typhoon Sr.


Project Schedule:  April 2020

Scope of Project:  Assess and repair coach roof and mast support structure

Project Complete:  55 Total Hours

Begin Daily Project Logs

April 13, 2020

Adeline 9


I began the day with a round of sanding over the entire repair area, removing excess epoxy and fairing the surfaces together as necessary.  I hand-sanded the edges at the tape line to maintain the definitive and sacrosanct edges there.  Afterwards, I removed the tape and plastic sheeting from the edges; I no longer needed the plastic, and I’d retape the edges several times over the next few days throughout the fairing and sanding process, part of the requirement to maintain a clear boundary at the edges of the cabin trunk.

After cleaning up, and remasking the critical edges at the sides of the cabin trunk, I applied a second round of epoxy fairing compound.  I concentrated on the perimeter of the repair, where most of the work was needed, but these edges were also the most critical in determining and maintaining the final shape of the repair.  In this case, particularly at the edges where the coachroof met the cabin trunk, I had little extra room to properly fair the repair in with the existing decks, since I couldn’t bring the new work any further out than the edges of the pre-existing nonskid, so by working the edges first, I could reestablish these critical boundaries and use them later to ensure the field areas were faired as necessary.

Once complete, I removed the masking tape at the edges, removing excess epoxy left during the troweling and leaving a clean epoxy line just inside the ultimate boundary required.

Total time billed on this job today:  2 hours

0600 Weather Observation:  45°, clouds and showers.  Forecast for the day:  Showers and rain, heavy at times, becoming windy, 55°