Adeline 8


Adeline, a 1987 22' Cape Dory Typhoon Sr.


Project Schedule:  April 2020

Scope of Project:  Assess and repair coach roof and mast support structure

Project Complete:  55 Total Hours

Begin Daily Project Logs

April 10, 2020

Adeline 8


After surviving the substantial amounts of heavy, wet snow and wind overnight without issue, I lost power at the shop in the morning just before I was about to get to work on the deck, so I couldn’t get started when I’d planned.  I was prepared possibly for a long outage, but fortunately we got power back in the afternoon, and, wanting to keep the deck project moving, I decided to head to the shop and do the work I’d intended to do in the morning, starting with water-washing and lightly sanding the new deck laminate as needed to smooth the outer edges and lightly scuff the rest.  This brought the outer edge of the new laminate down nearly flush with the adjacent deck areas.

After cleaning up, I applied the first round of epoxy fairing compound to the new laminate.  This served mainly to fill the weave of the cloth, and to begin cleaning up the transition at the edges of the repair, as well as fill any minor low areas.   For now, since the day was late, time was short, and I mainly wanted to get the fairing compound in place, I left the masking tape around the edges, though this would soon start to get in the way of the fairing work with the adjacent decks, so I’d remove it next time when I returned to sand the new fairing compound.

Total time billed on this job today:  1 hour

0600 Weather Observation:  35°, snow, 10″ heavy, wet snow down overnight, and still snowing.  Forecast for the day:  Snow ending, then snow squalls and windy, 44°