Skeedeen 16


Skeedeen, 1987 Crosby Striper


Project Complete:  98.25 Total Hours

Scope of Project:   Brightwork maintenance; Refinish Nonskid; Miscellaneous Seasonal Maintenance

Begin Daily Project Logs

November 9, 2018

Skeedeen 16


After my usual morning round of sanding and cleanup, I continued the varnish work on the toerails and forward hatch:  4 coats on the toerails, and five on the hatch and rod holders.

The two-sided companionway parts, including the folding top hatch and bifold doors, were ready for work on the second side now, after a couple days’ worth of cure time.  After some final preparations to the unfinished side, I applied the first of a couple coats of varnish to these pieces.

Total time billed on this job today:  2.5 hours

0600 Weather Observation:  25°, clear.  Forecast for the day:  Increasing clouds in the afternoon, rain overnight, 45°