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Waanderlust--Phase IV | Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Now that the paint in the head was complete, and had had several days to cure, I continued work on the final wiring therein.  During painting and construction work in the space, I'd pulled the new wires back into an adjacent space for safekeeping, and now I led them back into the head (inside the cabinet) and up along a pre-determined route against the hull, through the shelf, and then on to final destinations in the head and forward cabin.

In the head, I added a dome lamp on the cabin side, and a USB charging port in the head cabinet, and finished up the wiring to both fixtures.  I led wires for mast lighting around to near the mast step and made up the ends with ring terminals, but didn't have a terminal block on hand so I held final connections till a new one arrived.  From the main saloon, I installed the final reading lamp on the port bulkhead (which communicated with the head), and made up its wiring from the main wiring conduit.


In the forward cabin, I wired up another USB port that I'd installed earlier, and made up the wiring to the pre-existing reading lamps installed in this space--one on each side.


With the wiring complete, I wrapped up work on the cabinet doors and installed them with new hinges, knobs, and catches.


After cleaning up from the wiring and construction work in the head and elsewhere, I made final preparations to additional portions of the cabin table top, and applied a coat of varnish to these surfaces.

Finally, I again varnished the new companionway trim.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  6.25 hours

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70, mostly cloudy.  Forecast for the day:  Hot and growing more humid, 90.