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Waanderlust Project | Thursday, July 29, 2010

After spending just a few minutes hand-sanding the small areas I filled yesterday--which completed the prep at this stage--I solvent-washed the general area surrounding the waterline so I could mark and tape off the new waterline.

Earlier, before removing paint, I'd noted the location of the antifouling paint at stem and stern; now I used my notes to place marks at each end of the boat.  Using these two points as a guide, I set up a pair of horizontal/level boards, one each at stem and stern, to simulate the water's plane, and strung a weighted string between the two.    Working towards each end, I used the string to mark the new, planar waterline (i.e. top of the antifouling paint) by moving it incrementally against the hull a few inches at a time, then taping it in place and making a mark before continuing the process.

Half of each side at a time, then onto the other side, I completed the marking process.



With the marks complete, I applied masking tape along the marked lines, adjusting as needed to keep the line fair and fine-tuning the ends--particularly under the counter--as required.  The top of the tape line represents the struck line.

I had to leave early for an appointment, so this wrapped up the work for the day.  Next:  additional paint prep/masking, with high-build planned for next week.



Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  3 hours

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