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Waanderlust--Phase IV | Friday, August 28, 2015

Using the cheap plywood template, I transferred the shape of the head cabinet face to some 12mm plywood and cut it out, then test-fitted it.    It took only a minor adjustrment at the base, where it required a bevel against the hull, to provide an acceptable fit.  The small holes, which I placed in the general area of the eventual locker cutout openings, were there just to give me handholds to maneuver the panel as necessary.


Before installing the cabinet face, I cleaned, prepped, and painted the locker interior--still one of the most satisfying jobs on board, covering up the old and mottled fiberglass with a fresh, consistent coating.


I prepared two cutouts in the panel--one above and one below the shelf--for access to the cabinet, keeping them sized consistently, then, after final preparations, installed the panel with epoxy adhesive and screws.  Later I'd build mahogany doors for the openings.

Late in the day, once the adhesive had cured past gel point, I added small cosmetic fillets to the panel edges to incorporate it smoothly into the surrounding surfaces.

Meanwhile, I turned to the companionway trim, now coated with sealer coats and ready for installation.  I applied beads of vaguely wood-colored sealant beneath the trim, particularly at the edge where it overlapped the bronze hatch surround, and installed the trim with bronze screws, and later filled the counterbores with teak bungs.



Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  5.25 hours

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