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Surprise | Tuesday, October 19, 2010

With nice fall weather on tap, it seemed the perfect day to take advantage of light winds and warmer temperatures for a variety of outdoor shop work, so I moved the boat out of the shop for a much-needed deck wash, which I wanted to complete before addressing the gelcoat polishing.  This also served as an important leak test for the starboard toerail and newly-rebedded starboard genoa track.  I didn't observe any signs of leakage belowdecks during the leak test.

While I had the boat outside, and the pressure washer set up, I found I couldn't resist the urge to wash the exterior teak, which was heavily weathered and blackened.  Washing removed most of the dirt and grime, though the wood was weathered enough that some blackness remained in the wood grain.

After leaving the boat outside in the sun to dry while I worked on some boat-covering projects, I moved her back indoors.  I sanded the cabin sole, but didn't have time late in the day for the next coat as I'd hoped.

In other news, we finalized the new name, hailport, and registration numbers and their designs, and I placed the order with a local vinyl shop.    The new striping tape arrived, which meant I'd be able to finish up the port cove stripe soon.

Total Time on This Job Today: 3.75 hours

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