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Surprise | Monday, October 18, 2010

I began with interior cleaning, mainly in the various lockers, engine room, and bilge.  With water and heavy-duty detergent, I scrubbed these spaces to remove dirt, mildew, grease, and oil, including, to the best extent possible, the various hoses running through the spaces.  I left the bilge partially full of the soapy water for now to help cleanse the lower regions, as well as to wait for a future day when I could discharge it outside of the shop.



I installed new lenses on the running lights on the pulpits, replacing the badly crazed old ones.


Later, I removed the fuel supply and return lines, which I wanted to replace as part of the repower, and ordered a variety of materials for some of the work ahead, as well as working out details of the new name, hailport, and registration numbers with the owner.  Inside the boat, I cleaned up portions of the cabin liner where someone had spilled varnish in the past.

The cabin sole, a teak veneer, featured an older finish that was in poor condition, and needed refinishing.  With chemical stripper, I removed the old finish.


Afterwards, I sanded the stripped surface to clean it further and prepare it for varnish, and applied a sealer coat of varnish after masking off the edges.



Total Time on This Job Today:  6.25 hours

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