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Bugs (Formerly Surprise) | Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I needed to move another boat into the shop, so to make some room I repositioned Bugs over to one side and as far back in the shop as possible.

After final preparations to the cockpit, I applied the new nonskid paint.  Because of the thickness and texture of the paint, it was designed to cover in only one coat.  I was pleased with the color and texture, and in general with the covering ability.


The application instructions called for removing the masking tape before the paint cured.  This was a minor annoyance, but since I'd no past experience with the product to suggest other courses of action, I followed the instructions and removed most of the tape once the paint had set for a while.  I left the tape in a few areas where I feared removal might harm the nearby texture.

The initial color of the paint when applied, like most paints, was a bit lighter than the implied color of the chip, but I found that as the paint cured, it began to darken to a shade very close to the original paint on adjacent areas of the deck--which, of course, was the desired result.

Total Time on This Job Today: 2.5 hours

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