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Summer Song | Monday, January 13, 2014

Removing the toerail left behind numerous fasteners still embedded in the deck, fasteners which had resisted removal efforts during the toerail removal.  So after some administration time specifying and preparing orders for some of the equipment needed for upcoming portions of the project, the next step was to remove or otherwise eliminate the protruding fasteners.

Most of these fasteners were related to the genoa tracks, and in most areas I found I could hammer and push the fasteners down into the space below, breaking the encapsulated nuts out of their fiberglass nests within.  Aft of the cabin, the fasteners were generally exposed and posed little issue to remove.  Forward of these areas, many of the remaining fasteners did not communicate with the inside of the boat, and in these instances, after trying other removal methods, I ended up cutting off the fasteners flush with the deck.

Afterwards, I scraped and cleaned up the old sealant and debris from the toerail bonding areas.   The existing taffrail, which was a newer replacement for the original, seemed to be in good condition, and I planned to keep it in place and integrate the new toerails with it, so I stripped the existing finish and sanded it smooth in preparation.




The existing fuel fill hose, which ran down beneath the engine pan, had been damaged by the protruding setscrews on the old shaft coupling, so I removed the old hose now in order to replace it while access was as good as ever.   As usual in these instances, the tight access to the hose connection at the fuel tank complicated its removal, but, also as usual, I eventually succeeded.  I ordered new hose in the odd size of 1-7/8" and would install it once it arrived.



Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  
7 Hours

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