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Summer Song | Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It was a short morning filled with miscellaney.  Biding time while awaiting materials required in order to continue moving significantly forward on the engine or toerail replacements, I took care of a few smaller items while I could.

I removed the engine control unit from the cockpit and, down on the bench, installed the cables and brackets required.  For this engine, the throttle advanced by pulling the cable, and the gear cable pulled to engage forward gear, so I installed the cables to accommodate this according to the suppled instructions.  Afterwards, I installed the supplied gasket to the back of the controls, and reinstalled the control unit in the cockpit, running the cables aft and out of the way for now.



I hoped to reuse the old raw water strainer, which seemed to be in serviceable condition, but first I needed to replace the hose connections, since the new engine required a larger hose (at the engine end; the seacock end was the same).  I removed the old fittings and ordered replacements to suit.

For the upcoming engine foundation construction, I'd obtained various sheets of prefabricated fiberglass, which I sanded on both surfaces to remove the smooth factory finish to allow for proper bonding during construction.

I ordered a new waterlift muffler to replace the old, undersized one, and took this moment to prepare a new platform for the muffler to rest upon.  The old plywood platform was semi-rotten, so I used it to template a new platform, using a leftover piece of plywood that I'd removed from somewhere else on board.  I'd seal and paint the new piece before installation.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  
3 Hours

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