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Summer Song | Friday, February 7, 2014

To install the wooden stem piece, I aligned it properly on the tip of the bow, then, after laying out two fastener locations, drilled 1/2" counterbores (to recess the screw heads and allow bunging), then 1/4" pilot holes through the wood (for the screw shank), then a smaller pilot hole through the deck itself, followed by a 1/4-20 tap to thread the hole.  Removing the piece, I milled small counterinks in the deck, cleaned the area, then applied plenty of mahogany-colored sealant before screwing the piece down tightly. 





Once more, I varnished the engine instrument panel surround.

Around mid-day, when the sun had warmed the air as much as it was going to, I opened up both shop doors and transferred the long, wiggly toerail sections from one bay, where I'd laid out and varnished them, to the work bay, propping the sections on the staging to prepare for installation over the weekend.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  .75

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