Skeedeen | Thursday, April 16, 2009

It was a much more effective and satisfying day, and I made decent progress.

I began with the small parts that I'd stripped yesterday.  Now, they needed to be sanded through all the grits, which involved quite a bit of hand work on the louvered/raised panel companionway doors.  Eventually, I sanded all the parts to 220 grit, after which I cleaned up some of the bench and, after preparing and cleaning the pieces, applied a sealer coat of varnish.



Meanwhile, I lightly sanded the first coat of varnish on the parts that I'd started a couple days ago, and applied a second coat; there are some teak doors from another job that appear in the corner of this photo.


Next, I moved on to the brightwork still on the boat.  Over the course of a few hours, I stripped and sanded (80 grit) the port toerail, eyebrow, and anchor platform.  In general, it cleaned up nicely, though a few weathered areas required a bit more sanding to brighten.  Being at a good stopping point, I knocked off an hour early so that I could take care of a couple things on another job.


Total Billed Time on This Job Today:  7 hours

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