Skeedeen | Tuesday, April 14, 2009

After moving another boat project, now completed, out of the shop, I prepared some staging around the forward 2/3 of the boat, for access to the toerails and portions of the cabin trunk.


Next, I began work on the numerous small bits and pieces in the workshop.  For each piece, I removed the old finish with scraper, heat, and sanding as necessary.  At length, I worked my way through various grits and machines as I prepared each piece for new varnish:  first, "rough" sandings with 80 and 120 grit on a 5" vertical-axis random orbit sander, then "fine" sandings from 80-220 grit on a vibrating palm sander, and by hand as necessary.  The small parts required quite a bit of detail work.


As I worked on the folding extension for the engine box, I found that the aft piece of trim was loose and wobbling around, so I removed the bungs and screws, cleaned up the mating joint, and resecured it with epoxy and longer/larger screws, after which I rebunged the screw holes and set the piece aside till tomorrow.

With a deceptively insignificant pile of stripped-and-sanded parts prepared by late afternoon, I cleaned up and applied the first sealer coat of varnish to the prepared parts.


Total Billed Time on This Job Today:  6.25 hours

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