Sea Glass Refit | May 24, 2007

First thing this morning, I taped off the four hatches that required nonskid on part of their surfaces, and then applied the first coat of nonskid paint to match the other deck areas.  I left this coat to cure all day while I worked on other things, and late in the afternoon it had dried enough so that I could apply the second and final coat of nonskid, completing the hatches.



In between myriad other distractions, I installed the stainless steel chainplates with new 3/8" stainless bolts.  For now, I left the deck trim plates off, since I had to order the correct fasteners with which to install them; this would postpone final installation and bedding until next week.

I reinstalled the companionway sliding hatch, a straightforward process, and then installed the original mast step in a heavy bed of sealant.  Then, I installed a new cockpit sole access hatch--identical to an older one that became slightly damaged during removal.



I wrapped up the day's--and the week's--work with the stainless steel rubrail, which I installed with polysulfide caulk.

With that, most of the work on Sea Glass--at least that for which I was contracted--was complete, with the notable exception of the ports' reinstallation (which was scheduled to occur next Wednesday).  Additional work required next week includes removing the excess sealant from the various hardware installations after giving it the full weekend to cure; installing and bedding the chainplate cover plates; installing the ports; installing the nuts and washers on the 5/16" stanchion bolts when the shipment arrives; installing the bow and stern chocks; and probably a few minor details that I am currently forgetting.  This work, excepting the ports, will take a couple hours.

Much of the sailing and other deck hardware remained to be installed, but was outside the scope of the job.


Total Time on This Job Today:  4.5 hours

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