Sea Glass Refit | May 23, 2007

After a morning's business away from the shop, I got to work after lunch on the hardware installation.  With all the holes already drilled and tapped, it was a relatively simple task to apply polysulfide sealant and screw the stanchion bases, pulpits, and bow mooring bitt in place.

With the on-deck installation complete for now, I headed down below armed with fiberglass backing plates, nuts, and washers for the various installations.  Immediately, I determined that I had ordered, unknowingly, the wrong threads on the 5/16" nuts:  24 vs. 18.  A return to the supplier's website showed that it was confusing, at best, so I decided to let myself off the hook without penalty.  Still, this was an irritating situation that would cause a delay in completing the installation of the four stanchion bases that took the 5/16" fasteners.  (I ordered the correct nuts and went back to work.)

During the remainder of the day, I installed the backing plates on all the other hardware, however, completing that job other than a need to cut off some excess fastener length on the forward two stanchion bases; I have no idea why I ordered such long fasteners.  I must have been in a fog when I ordered these pieces.  And so it goes.



Total Time on This Job Today:  3.5 hours

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