Sea Glass Refit | May 22, 2007

I began this morning by sanding the primer, which I sprayed late yesterday, on the hatches, and then preparing them for the topcoats by applying masking tape to form the white borders of the lazarette hatch and icebox hatch; both of these hatches, with their flat tops, would also receive nonskid paint later.  I also placed the two cockpit locker hatches--primed much earlier--in position and taped off for the white strip at the inboard edge to match the adjacent surfaces.  Then, I covered the areas not to be painted white with masking paper to protect from the overspray.  I set the hatches aside to be painted late in the day.

During most of the rest of the day, on and off and interspersed with other distractions, I drilled, tapped, and counterbored for all the fastener holes in the deck that I overbored and filled with epoxy yesterday.  There were three fastener sizes represented:  1/4-20, 5/16-24, and 3/8-16.  At this point, I was still awaiting my fastener delivery, so I couldn't proceed further.

However, the fasteners did arrive in mid-afternoon, and I briefly contemplated beginning the hardware installation.  But I needed to make the fiberglass backing plates first (which material had also just arrived), and with my spray painting equipment and Alexseal paint supplies all over the bench for the late afternoon's planned painting session on the hatches, I decided it would be better to just wait till tomorrow to concentrate on the hardware properly and get it done.


By the time I finished getting set up and cleaned up to prepare for painting, it turned out that I had just enough time to spray the requisite three coats of snow white on the hatches.  (The pictures below were taken the next day after removing the tape and paper.)


Total Time on This Job Today:  4.25 hours

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