Sea Glass Refit | May 3, 2007

This wasn't the most productive day in history, but I managed to get a few things done.

I began by sanding yesterday's application of fine filler on the coachroof, cabin trunk, and fore/sidedecks.  Since this was now finish work, I used my random orbit finish sander with 80 grit.  When I had sanded all areas, including the toerail, I switched to 120 grit paper and repeated the process.  Then, I hand-sanded the toerails with 120 to fine-tune the curves and corners as needed.


With the bulk of the fairing and sanding now complete on most of the deck--with only epoxy sealing (for the patched areas) and final sanding remaining--I turned my attention to the cockpit, where I needed to do a fair bit of hand sanding in those areas inaccessible to the machines.  I started in the corner around the ice hatch, which was an utter mess, and eventually managed to sand that area fairly smooth, along with the adjacent edges and the section beneath the companionway trim.  With a variety of other things going on, this brought me to the end of the day, but before knocking off I applied epoxy fairing compound to some areas in the cockpit so that I could sand some more on the 'morrow.

Hardly the most exciting day ever...but the process is very near its end, and primer is not far away at all.


Total Time on This Job Today:  4.75 hours

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