Sea Glass Refit | May 9, 2007

After a day dedicated to other business away from the shop, I was anxious to get back and spray the primer on the boat.  Last yesterday, I prepared the various paint sundries needed and laid out the tools and materials for today's job, and also washed down the walls, staging, and floor in the shop bay. 

Therefore,  with most of the preparatory work done, all I had to do before getting started with spraying was to solvent wash the decks and then tack off.

Because it's not possible to reach all areas of the deck from the staging, I had to spray the decks in two phases:  first, the coachroof and cockpit well (three coats), and then the remaining deck areas, including cockpit seats, cabin trunk sides, and toerails (three coats).  Then, when that was done, I sprayed three coats on the cockpit locker hatches, which I could then place on the staging for spraying.  Later, I'll do the remaining hatches, since as of this point I hadn't yet even sanded off the old paint.

As usual, the primer transformed the boat.  It's always tempting at this stage to call it good and leave the boat in primer, since it looks so much better than the typical amalgamation of ugly colors left behind from deck repairs and fairing.




Total Time on This Job Today:  5.25 hours

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