Sea Glass Refit | May 10, 2007

Originally, my schedule for the week had included the aggressive--and optimistic--goal of spraying topcoats on Friday.  That meant that I had to sand yesterday's primer, clean, tape, and otherwise prepare for the topcoats all in one day--today.  Because of an impending visit over the coming weekend from the owner of my most recent (and continuing) project, Kaholee, I knew that if I didn't get the paint on on Friday, it would have to wait till Tuesday of next week.  The horror!

Almost before getting going, though, I knew that this was an unachievable goal, as much as I wanted it to happen. Because of an early morning appointment, I was unable to get to work on the boat till 0900, already a couple hours behind.  Lacking any truly compelling reason to push myself to complete what was clearly more than one days' work in one day (after all, there were still over four weeks remaining till the boat is to be moved from the shop on June 4), I decided very early in the day to not even try for the goal, and instead to just work and get the sanding done whenever it was done.

Throughout the day, I sanded the decks, first with a finish sander (vibratory) with 220 grit, which was all that I required on the eventual nonskid parts, and then with 320 grit paper by hand and with a hand sanding block on the smooth areas that I would be painting with Snow White Alexseal topcoat.  I used the natural light reflection along with a flashlight to help highlight areas that required more sanding in order to completely remove the orange peel texture left from the spray gun from these areas, as the topcoat requires a super-flat primed surface for best results.

I finished up the sanding in the cockpit late in the afternoon, and vacuumed up the dust from the decks before knocking off for the day.  Tomorrow, I'll fine-tune the sanding as, or if, necessary, since even with my best efforts a few areas tend to require a bit more sanding when viewed with the freshness of a new day, and then I'll mark and mask off the nonskid areas, leaving only the smooth areas exposed for painting.



Total Time on This Job Today:  5.75 hours

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