Sea Glass Refit | May 7, 2007

Today, I finished up the sanding after water washing the epoxy that I applied last Friday.  I sanded the epoxy smooth with 120, then went over the entire deck and cockpit with 220--the final grit before primer.  I hand-sanded the toerails and portions of the cockpit as required.

With the sanding done, I cleaned up the shop, blowing down the walls and vacuuming the floors, staging, and other surfaces, and then cleaned the entire boat, inside and out, to remove dust and debris.   I washed the deck with acetone to remove residual dust for now, and then moved on to masking.

During the remainder of the day, I masked off everything that needed it:  the hull, the ports, the cockpit lockers, the hatches, and any remaining hardware.  I used several rolls of masking tape and 30 yards of masking paper, plus some masking plastic for the hull.

I had business away from the shop tomorrow, so that meant primer on Wednesday.  All that remained to do was a final cleaning, which I'd do just before painting.




Total Time on This Job Today:  9.75 hours

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