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Sailmaster 131 | Friday, September 13, 2013

Before getting going on the day's sanding, I removed the final hardware from the two companionway hatches so I could sand those, along with the lazarette hatch. 


Then, I sanded the decks as needed, and sanded the companionway hatches to remove old paint, as well as the lazarette hatch.  I also sanded, as needed, the edges of the new bridgedeck panel to smooth and round them for tabbing.





After measuring the bridgedeck for several sections of tabbing, I installed epoxy fillets where required to smooth variohs transtions between the bridgedeck and adjacent areas, then wet out and installed 6" tabbing with epoxy resin.  The non-structural threads holding the stitched material together tended to pull out during isntallation, leaving annoyhing but ultimately harmless threads hanging down as seen in the photos.



Finally, I applied another round of fairing filler where required on the decks and hatches.



Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  5 hours

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