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Sailmaster 131 | Monday, September 16, 2013

A relatively brief sanding session took care of the last round of fairing filler on the sidedecks and elsewhere, bringing most areas to their final contours.



Meanwhile, I sanded the insides of three openings on the foredeck to prepare these areas for patching.  With different hardware to be installed, and preferring not to experience any issues with change of location or differences in fastener position later, I chose to patch and fill all hardware and fastener holes now, allowing them to be recreated wherever needed (or not) in the final installation.

With tape over the bottoms of the holes, I filled them with sections of new core material set in epoxy adhesive, smoothed the tops level with the adjacent glass, and installed two layers of fiberglass over the top.  I'd patch the undersides once the top section had cured.



Inside the boat, I lightly sanded the new tabbing securing the bridgedeck in place, to remove rough edges and prepare the area for additional finishing steps.  Afterwards, I reinstalled the braces to help secure the area while I installed new core above.


In the center of the area, in way of the centerboard winch location, I laid out a section of solid fiberglass, made from prefabricated sheets, to provide a strong area suitable for securing the winch from beneath.  Then, I filled in the remaining area with new 1/2" balsa core, beneath the overhanging edges and in the remaining field.


With all the core pre-cut and labeled, I made final preparations to the area, then wet out both sides of the core with unthickened resin before installing it in thickened epoxy adhesive in all areas, securing the new core with weight from above. 


To wrap up work for the day, I applied more fairing filler where needed on deck, mainly to fill pinholes and small voids remaining.



Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  7 hours

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