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Ms Lynne G | Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My first task was to permanently install the new stem and taffrail assemblies.  For each piece of the stem, I applied plenty of sealant, then fastened the wood in place with screws before cleaning up the abundant squeezeout. 





I repeated the process with the taffrail.





Next, I bunged the new screw holes.


While I waited for the glue on the bungs to dry, I planed down three boards to use for the cockpit coamings--one for each side, plus the aft end.  This took a long time, and the teak was very hard on the planer blades; I used up two edges, and barely made it to the end without having to replace them yet again, but managed to eke out the final passes.  In the event, I ended up with three smooth boards just over 3/4" thick, and ready for final shaping.

By now, after lunch, it was time to trim all the bungs in the toerail, which wrapped up the toerail installation other than varnish work, which I'd start in the immediate future.





Back to the coamings:  using the original coamings as patterns, I cut out rough blanks for each side, then test-fit them into position.  The port side slipped right into place, but I had to make a couple additional cuts on the starboard coaming where it fit within the molded corners of the cockpit before it'd fit properly.  I left the rough blanks pressed into position overnight.





Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  8

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