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Ms Lynne G | Thursday, August 28, 2014
After a day away attending to other business, I got back to work on the hull.  After the requisite water-wash of the various epoxy-filled areas, I sanded smooth as required.  Most would not require additional work, but those on the topsides would receive additional filler later.

Afterwards, I cleaned up as needed and applied more epoxy filler to a few areas of the bottom, mainly around the ballast/keel joint, and also applied a first round of filler to the newly-patched through hulls, one on each side.


Next, I mixed a small batch of epoxy-based fine filler, and applied it to the various topside patches on the hull.


The rework of the gunwale, hull/deck joint, and toerail required that I remove the gelcoat from the area, to provide the best possible bond for the new tabbing and also to allow the new tabbing to be installed relatively flush with the surrounding surfaces.  I'd get to the decks soon, but while I was still getting done what I could to the hull, I sanded away the gelcoat from the gunwale down about 3-1/2", roughly to the line I'd penciled in earlier.  I did this around the perimeter of the boat, though I removed less gelcoat from the transom for reasons I'd cover presently, but largely to accommodate the molded-in hull number to starboard.



Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  4.75

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