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Khasanah | Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To begin, I sanded the newly fiberglassed coachroof to prepare the area for final fairing steps.

After cleaning up and other preparations, I applied the first coat of fairing filler to the coachroof, beginning to fill the weave of the cloth and fill any low spots.


After a few days of soaking with penetrating oil, I coaxed the recalcitrant forward jackstand into submission and managed to loosen it, allowing me to lower the pad sufficiently to gain access to the exterior of the two through hulls that required patching.  I ground a dished area over both through hulls, combining the patch into a single oblong shape, then, after cleaning up, applied two staggered layers of biaxial cloth over the area.



To prepare for hardware reinstallation, I reamed out all the fastener holes with a larger bit to remove coring directly around the fastener locations, keeping the new, larger holes within the footprints of the hardware as needed.  After removing the spoils and masking over the original fastener holes from beneath, I filled the enlarged holes with a thickened epoxy mixture.



I spent the remainder of the day's allotted time working on the original hardware, removing old sealant and stuck bits of boat from their bearing surfaces and organizing the new fasteners.  I also made prepared new fiberglass backing plates where required, which would replace the original plywood plates.


Total Time on This Job Today:  6.5 hours

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