Kaholee Refit | March 13, 2007

I had errands to run all morning, so didn't get started till after lunch.  I began by installing the new cockpit scupper hoses to the newly-installed seacocks, as well as four deck drain hoses (two per side) that Y'd into the fiberglass fitting directly beneath the cockpit.  With interior construction to begin immediately, it wouldn't be long before I lost the most convenient access to these hoses, so in they went.  When that was done, I cut off the excess thread from the bolts on the scupper seacocks, and then I taped off the seacock flanges and painted out the remaining hull with gray Bilgekote to match the surrounding areas. 



Next, I turned my attention to the chainlocker once more.  The plan calls for a bulkhead with access door, so with some cardboard I made a roughly-shaped template that easily fit within the space at hand.  Using dividers, I scribed a line onto this cardboard, following the hull and deck all the way around and transferring their profiles to the cardboard, about 2" in from the edge.

Then, I transposed these marks onto a second sheet of cardboard and cut out the result, giving me an accurate template of the bulkhead.  With a little fine tuning, I was ready to cut out the bulkhead from some 9mm Meranti plywood.  The bulkhead fit quite well on the first try, though I'd have to trim a bit here and there for a closer fit. 


Total Time on This Job Today:  2.75 hours

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