Kaholee Refit | August 10, 2007

When it's on the docket for the day, I like to get the sanding out of the way first thing.  So I hand-sanded the new work that I primed yesterday, and also sanded the glass on the holding tank to prepare it for paint.

When I finished with the sanding, I secured the coamings temporarily to the cockpit walls with screws that arrived yesterday afternoon; this pulled the coamings tightly into the curves, and enabled me to remove the jack setup.  I left the coamings alone for the moment, but returned later in the day to make cardboard patterns of the forward coaming blocks. 


Next, I spent some time cutting all the pieces of mahogany necessary to build the various interior locker doors.  I calculated how big to make each door based on its opening, and allowing for standard 3/8" overlay. From the 1-1/2 wide stock that I milled the other day, I cut the rails and stiles for the 13 doors for the new lockers.  Then, I glued up as many as I could before I ran out of clamps.


As I approach the end of the woodworking stage, I began to prepare for some of the systems and hardware installation by bringing down from the attic a dozen or more boxes of boat parts  that I'd had in storage since the boat arrived here.  It seemed amazing to think that the contents of all these boxes and totes could somehow end up on and in this small boat.


During the afternoon, I rough-milled some more random trim pieces for the interior (saving the sanding for a mass effort to include the new cabinet doors when complete), including for the edges of the doorway to the vee berth, the galley sink cabinet, and for the bottom edges of the new upper settee lockers.  I set this trim aside for sanding later.

After some visitors to the shop departed late in the afternoon, I applied the first coat of semi-gloss white enamel to the new work in the saloon and to the plywood panels slated for the aft end of the cabin above the galley.  Then I cleaned up the shop from the week's work and called it a day--and a week.


Total Time on This Job Today:  6.25 hours

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