Kaholee Refit | April 17, 2007

I continued towards my goal of wrapping up the currently-underway jobs on the boat today, as Phase I quickly wound down.  I didn't plan to begin any new projects at this stage.

I spent much of the day working on interior and exterior trim, as required.  I sanded and revarnished the sea hood and some other trim pieces, and installed several more pieces of interior trim in the saloon most notably on the other side of the stove enclosure.  While there are a few areas in the main cabin that still require trim--specifically the corner of the sink cabinet, the enclosures above the upper shelves along the hull, and some more significant finishing work in the galley area and at the after bulkhead (beneath the bridgedeck), the saloon trim as it stood was done for now, so I lightly sanded all the trim to prepare it for a coat of satin varnish--the final coat.

Before I could do the last coat, however, I needed to plug all the screw holes, so I cut and installed mahogany bungs  and left them for the glue to dry before trimming them flush.


I installed additional trim pieces in the head and hanging locker area, and installed the pre-finished pieces of door trim between the saloon and head, as well as fiddles on the v-berth shelves.  The entire port side of the head is still a raw hole, however, since it awaits the completion and installation of the holding tank and associated supports.  During Phase II, I'll take care of these final areas; later, on these pages, I'll run down the list of remaining projects.


In the coming weeks, as time allows, I planned to start building the locker doors for the various openings in the saloon and galley, so that they'll be ready for quick installation later.  Many of these doors will end up being the same size and shape, which should allow for efficient construction.

I had a short list of installations to complete abovedecks in order to waterproof the boat before moving outdoors.  Among the items on the list were the chainplates, which I now reinstalled with new bolts.  I had to slightly ream out one or two of the deck slots, but otherwise the installation was straightforward.  I sealed the chainplates at the deck level with plenty of polysulfide and the original bronze cover plates, which I installed with new bronze machine screws that I tapped into the deck.


Total Time on This Job Today:  4.75 hours

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