Iota Refit | Friday, March 21, 2008

Earlier in the week, I set the completed sea hood in place on deck so that it would be available as a reference for Seth from Mobile Canvas, who was due that day to begin the process of measuring and building a dodger for the boat.  For the moment, I set it in place with no fasteners, with final installation planned for later in the week.  Then, I spent time with Seth going over the dodger design and related items.

While I was at it, I also set the forward hatch frame in place, with installation also planned soon.


Meanwhile, I continued with varnish on the coamings, now on the second side, with one coat per day during most of the week.  Working here and there throughout the week, I also took care of details related to some of the final hardware installation, as I planned to wrap that up this week as well.

On Friday afternoon, with a couple hours at my disposal, I turned to the final details of the sea hood installation.  Previously, I'd outlined the area with masking tape, and now I removed the sea hood and marked for the fastener locations.  In each location, I drilled a 1/2" hole through the top skin and into the core with a Forstner bit and cleaned out the waste and core.  Then, in the usual way, I filled the voids with thickened epoxy, to provide a barrier for the future fasteners.  I left this to cure overnight.

Next, I sanded the bearing surface where the new forward hatch frame would be secured; I'd previously taped off this opening as well.  I rough-sanded away the paint in this area, cleaned it up, and then secured the hatch frame in a bed of thickened epoxy, clamping it in position and then cleaning up all the squeezeout  before removing the tape to allow it to fully cure.


Total time on woodwork and related projects since last update:  7.75 hours

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