Iota Refit | Saturday, March 15, 2008

Over the past several days, I continued the daily process of sanding and revarnishing the sea hood, coamings, and forward hatch frame.  Today, I applied the 6th coat to the sea hood and hatch frame, the final coat before installation.  The coamings, being two-sided, would require another week or so before the varnishing was complete to allow installation.


Next, I spent several hours cleaning up the excess sealant and tape from around the deck hardware.  Most of the deck hardware was now complete, though there were still a few pieces requiring installation that I'd get to soon.  I installed the new lifelines to check their fit.


I laid out and installed the new vinyl for the name, hailport, and registration numbers.  She was really starting to look like a boat again!


Total time on woodworking (varnish) projects on 3/13 and 3/14, inclusive:  2.5 hours
Total time on woodworking (varnish) projects today: .5 hours


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